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Indonesia Travel Restrictions 2021

What you need to know before planning your surf trip to Indo

Borders have re opened but it has a cost: 5-days of quarantine and about 1,000$ later you can be surfing perfect Indo waves.

Updated 16 Feb 2021

eVISA is the only available option for visitors from abroad (B211 visa) – it takes 10-days to be processed and costs about 300 US$. It will give you 60-Days stay renewable for 6-months.

Since early October 2020 sponsors (company/agent and not the applicant) can apply for applicants online.There is no need anymore to visit an embassy abroad to get your visa sticker in your passport. The approved single entry electronic visa will be emailed to the sponsor and applicant as a PDF.

The eVisa can easily be processed by a visa agent in Indonesia. They will usually just ask you a passport copy and do the rest of the paperwork for you. We can also help you with it if you intend to join one of our surf coaching retreats.

Attention: By law you are not allowed to work in Indonesia either self-employed nor for a foreign employer while on a B211 visa. When caught you will be deported and blacklisted.

Requirements to enter Indonesia with valid new visa

  • Valid passport (valid 12 months)
  • Printed eVISA
  • Printed PCR negative result and fit to fly letter from approved authority (see section 3 below)
  • eHAC app on your phone
  • Fill out / sign health check / statement letter at arrival (consent to self isolate 14 days at home)
  • Health or Travel Insurance covering COVID-19
  • Return or onward flight confirmation

What are the quarantine rules?

  • Everyone arriving in Indonesia (foreigners and Indonesians) need to quarantine for 5 full days + two extra PCR tests (one on arrival and one after five days quarantine) (this FAQ will focus on arriving foreigners)
  • At the airport you will be directed to get on a bus to your designated hotel.  Some passengers have been able to pre-book their hotel and private pickup, some have been able to choose the hotel at the airport, others were given no choice in hotel.
  • Foreigners must pay expenses for the hotel + two extra PCR tests (costs between 6.6 and 8.2 million  rupiah depending on hotel and based on one person – (approx. 400-700$) )
  • Tests are 800.000 IDR (approx. 55$) per test and two tests per person are required.  Children and babies must also be tested.

Rules about the hotel where I must quarantine, what can I do or what can I not do?

  • General instructions are that you may not pre-book, however, some people have reported booking at the 5-Star hotels on the list.  If you have managed to pre-book, print out the confirmation and carry it with you.
  • The general rule is one person per room, although married couples may share a room (travel with a copy of your marriage certificate)
  • Families with one child (father-mother-child) can share one room in some of the hotels
  • Families with more than one child will get an additional room.
  • The hotels and hallways are monitored by CCTV and guards, and you may not leave your room for 5 days
  • Food (3 times per day) is included in the room price and will be brought to your room daily.  Some hotels facilitate food delivery services such as Go Food.
  • Transport to/from the hotel/airport is included

What happens after my 5 days of quarantine?

  • When your last test (taken day 5) is negative, you will get a signed, stamped letter stating you are released and can book your onward travel
  • You are advised to self-quarantine for 14 days at your end destination
Health protocol by Garuda Indonesia

What airlines fly to Indonesia and what are their specific requirements?

All international flights arrive/depart Jakarta (CGK) where you will go through Immigration. (Note there are a couple of flights to Medan, and a couple to Surabaya.  NONE to Bali.)

The British Embassy has updated their Flight Tracker to/from Indonesia and the UK dated 28 January 2021.  If you are flying to/from Europe, it is worth checking here:  Flight Tracker – 28 January 2021.pdf

  1. Garuda is flying twice a week to Europe from CGK via Amsterdam.  Garuda also flies to/from Australia.  Informal reports are that Garuda has canceled many international flights, but flights to/from Australia are still flying.  You will need to complete the Australia Travel Declaration at least 72 hours in advance of your flight.
  2. Emirates has one flight a day from Dubai to Jakarta.
  3. Qatar Airways operates twice a day to/from CGK, DPS schedule is daily via CGK code-sharing with Garuda.
  4. Singapore Airlines, transit in Changi Airport. Their flight schedule through January 2021 is attached here.  A negative PCR test is required within 72 hours of departure.  No passengers traveling from the UK or visiting the UK within the past 15 days may currently enter or transit Singapore.
  5. KLM: flying to CGK via BKK daily. If you are flying to Europe, double check testing, entry and transit restrictions — changing rapidly.
  6. Etihad: operates daily to CGK.  A negative PCR test result within 96 hours of travelling is required.
  7. Cathay Pacific: CGK-Hong Kong (operates 3x/week), connections from there. Entry to Hong Kong requires a negative PCR test result.
  8. ANA flies daily to CGK from Tokyo with connections to/from Europe and North America
  9. Japan Airlines operates 5 times per week to/from CGK. CGK-LHR (operates 4x/week via Haneda and with multiple stops via Narita and Helsinki).  Also connecting to North America and Europe.
  10. Malaysia Airlines is flying once per week from CGK to Kuala Lumpur with connections beyond.
  11. Turkish Airlines: daily flights to/from CGK, connecting flights in Istanbul. DPS operations are via CGK code-sharing with Garuda.  All passengers are required to have a negative PCR test result no older than 72 hours before departure.
  12. China Airlines is based in Taipei, which has blocked all foreign entry and transit as of Jan 1, 2021.
  13. Korean Air operates 2 times per week from CGK to Incheon, connections from there.
  14. EVA Air is based in Taipei, which is not allowing foreigners to enter OR TRANSIT Taipei as of Jan 1, 2021.
  15. Philippine Airlines has paused its CGK-MNL flights.
  16. AirAsia has flights listed DPS-KUL beginning April 1, 2021 but those are likely placeholders.
  17. JetStar is offering bookings from DPS-SIN beginning March 1, 2021 but those are likely placeholders.
  18. International codeshares with Garuda, Jakarta to Bali:  Qatar, KLM and Turkish Airlines.
  19. If you are flying to Bali, consider the cost of excess baggage (Rp 110,000/kg CGK-DPS).  International codeshare tickets with Garuda have international baggage allowance (check the airline, often 2x23kg). Garuda domestic flights have an allowance of 20 kg (economy), 30 kg (business) and 40 kg (first class).

Domestic travel (within Indonesia)

Please note to double check with your travel agent as those rules change quickly.

  • Travel to Bali:

a. Flights to Bali require a negative PCR test 2 x 24 hours before departure, or negative antigen test 1 x 24 hours before departure.

b. Land/ferry transit to Bali requires negative PCR or antigen test 3 x 24 hours before departure.

  • Travel to/within Java/Sumatra:

c. Flights to/within Indonesia require negative PCR test 3 x 24 hours before departure, or negative antigen test 2 x 24 hours before departure.

Sources of information

Updated Google Sheet from the BALI COVID-19 facebook group

(Best online resource frequently updated to stay up to date with travel restriction in Indonesia)

Indo Surf Crew

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